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How to be free from worries, fears and anxiety

Stop worryingLife is a battlefield. Worries, fears and anxiety are your ultimate enemies. These emotions will cripple you. These emotions will drag you down. These emotions will cause you to FAIL! Yet, the battle does not end on failing. In fact, it only started!

Why is it so hard to stop worrying?

Constant worrying takes a heavy toll. It keeps you up at night and makes you tense and edgy during the day. You hate feeling like a nervous wreck. So why is it so difficult to stop worrying? People worry for a number of reasons, some think by worrying, they might be able to find a solution. This is wrong because worrying focuses your energy on the problem instead of the solution. To some they worrying because they don’t want to overlook things, they don’t want to be surprised or they want to be seen as being responsible.

To be free from worrying, here are some tips.

Take it one step at a time. What are the causes of your worries? Is it your work? Is it your project, assignment perhaps? Do you have a deadline? What about family problems? Or is it financial hitches? Take it easy. Solve these problems one at a time. Life is full of burdens, and you can never solve all of your problems once. Take a breather and unwind once in a while. Do not make a list of your worries, it will only add to the pile of your problems. Instead, take them lightly.  Solve one after the other until your worries are gone. New problems will surely arise, but now, you know how to tackle it.

6 Ways to Achieve Inner Peace and be Truly Happy


Be optimistic. Countless people have repeatedly used these words. But, there is a reason why they keep parroting these two words. You may say its gibberish, but, please try this first. On a sunny morning, go out on your garden or have a stroll on the park. Smell the fresh air and think about the positive things in your life. Think about how much your family and friends love you. Think about your blessed life. A smile from a stranger, a simple sorry from your child, a simple pat on your back and even a minute of seating on a couch with your spouse is a good reason to be optimistic! You can redefine the meaning of optimism in your life. Be an optimist and be worry free!

To handle fear, try this.

Step out of your comfort zone. Everybody have their own fears! Remember the adage “Do something spontaneous once in a while.” This means that you should do something that is out of your league! Explore your inner being! It is not easy to do things that you don’t normally do! Yet, you can never be free from your fears and you can never be happy if you will forever stay on that restricting four walled barrier you caved yourself in! Do you fear the stage? It’s time to get on with it and project the limelight for you! Do you fear rejection?  Ask your co-worker out now and if he rejects you, try again tomorrow. If he rejects you again, try the other day. Try it everyday until you don’t fear being rejected again!

To overcome anxiety, here are some tips.

Toughen your mind. Researches now show that through toughening your mind against anxiety, you can be free from feeling anxious. Armor your mind through meditation and exercise. Exercise such as biking can toughen up your cognizance. Fortify your way of thinking.

Emotional detachment is a good way to decrease anxiety. When an anxiety producing event happens, detach yourself from any feeling or emotion. This way, you will not be able to feel apprehension about negative proceedings. It is a way to reinforce your mind.

Everybody have their own worries and fears. These two triggers anxiety nevertheless, these are normal human emotions. In fact, I, the author of this literary piece have my own worries. I fear that you may not like what you have read. I fear that you may find this work as garbage. Nonetheless, I choose to be free from these emotions. I choose to steel myself from any critique against my works. I choose to conquer myself.

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What about you? What do you have to fear? What do you need to be worried about? What do you need to feel anxious in? Toughen your mind! Widen your horizon! Open up to new things! Take risks! Conquer your inner worries, fears and anxiety! Nobody can do these things for you. You are the only one who can live your life. Our book Emotional Detachment for a better life provides you with an in dept answer on how to handle worries, fear and anxiety. Order and download your copy HERE

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