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Understanding Emotional Detachment – Why People Detach

Understanding Emotional DetachmentA psychological term given to the positive as well as the negative behavior of an individual is that of emotional detachment. In case of a negative emotional detachment, the individual tends to become unable to get connected with other people. Moreover, such a person is emotionally unavailable within relationships although, he or she is physically present that can also lead to certain problems. The individual tends to cope up with anxiety and starts avoiding those situations which accelerate this emotion and is commonly referred to as dissociation or emotional numbness.
On the other hand, the other form of emotional detachment is that of a positive emotional detachment or psychological behavior. This feeling creates the ability within an individual to empathize or recognize feelings of other people without compromising on their own emotions, boundaries or self respect. It can also be referred to as a mental assertiveness in which the individual can maintain their psychic integrity as they are faced with the emotional demands of people around them. This type of emotional detachment can be improved or cultivated. Moreover, this situation can also be quite beneficial for relationships however, the first condition is detrimental.

Those people that are suffering from any type of emotional trauma, the normal mechanism for coping with this situation is usually exiting from it. This ultimately leads to emotional detachment. Such a person starts creating their own bubble and guards it from those who penetrate it. They are more comfortable and at peace when their matters are confined to them only.

Understanding Emotional Detachment: Why You Need It

Causes of Emotional Detachment.

Emotional detachment can result due to a variety of factors. If a person is suffering from emotional trauma, grief or extreme stress, they are more likely to get affected by emotional detachment. The person feels that if he or she is more responsive to the feeling of sadness arising within, they will be more and more consumed by it. There can also come a time in which the emotions are frozen up which is also referred to as a situation of emotional shock and is a normal condition however, there are other conditions in which it will stay for a longer period of time perhaps, for years, which can be quite problematic. Often emotional detachment is linked with some or all of the following mentioned aspects:

Grief: Grief can be a very difficult situation to deal with especially if anyone has lost a loved one. They find it difficult to cope up with the situation and confines within their own self. Family and friends of such affected persons should recommend better ways to come out of this situation by telling them to move on with their lives.

Anger: Anger is a very common cause of emotional detachment. Those who are attached with previous problems that had led them within this situation get isolated from other people around them. This is the reason why such people also react extremely to even smaller things such as that of jokes. Since, they do not know how to deal with anger; they tend to get emotionally detached.

Depression and Stress: Those people who are emotionally stressed can also find themselves to be emotionally detached after sometime. The reason for this is that these people are so immersed within their problems and daily life problems that they are unable to find time to socialize with other people well. When this situation increases, it leads to depression and once this emotion sets in, a serious emotional breakdown occurs.

Losing a Job: If any person loses his source of income, he is also more affected by emotional detachment. They tend to live in a state of confusion and lose options. Moreover, if such a person is having responsibilities, this can worsen the entire scene. Seeking professional help prior to having an emotional breakdown is always recommended.

Negative Emotional Detachment.

When any individual tends to get emotionally detached from any situation or someone which leads to negative feelings, such an individual tends to prevent the probability of experiencing the same emotion again and again. Many a times, this situation becomes very important to stay free from disturbing people or events. Negative detachment can also be associated with depersonalization and can occur due to a psychological trauma which has been experienced sometime before. As a result the person will be unable to connect with others relationships. They do not get engaged in social activities, they do not share their feelings and hence arrives to an emotional standpoint. Some people will practice techniques of avoidance whereas; others will not create relationships at all. When the emotional detachment feeling is coupled with anxiety disorder, a proper therapy is recommended to get the problem treated.

Practicing Positive Emotional Detachment (Healthy Detachment).

Nobody selects to be emotionally detached from anyone or any person at their own will. However, if such a situation becomes unavoidable, detaching positively can be a good option as it leads to improvement. Following mentioned are some ways through which emotional detachment in a positive manner can be done.

Relax your body: There are some activities to which the human body is instinctive. The reason is that when a person gets stressed up due to different factors, the functions of the body are also affected. The blood pressure level rises, the muscles get tense and the heart beat increases as well. Under such a situation, if a person tends to get emotionally detached, it will only make things get worse therefore, the initial step is to relax the body and take deep breaths.

Control your thoughts: Avoid thinking those memories that traumatize you. Try to block all those images which take you back to that situation. Although, it is easier to say than done, however, nothing is impossible. Learn to convert negative situations into a positive one so as control your behavior. Here is a guide on How to Overcome Hurtful Situation through Emotional Detachment

Remain active physically: The lazier you are, the more you will be open to negative thoughts. If you get indulged in different physical activities, you will be able to wander those thoughts away that lead to emotional detachment.

Do things that you enjoy: If you start doing your chores alone, being detached emotionally can become a bit difficult. List down all those activities which you enjoy doing alone. Include all those activities which are done outdoors so as to relieve stress.

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